HYPE Boost

Hype Boost

Whether it’s the beginning of a new calendar year, new financial year, or even if you know you just need a different perspective on your marketing, our HYPE BOOST will give you a full audit of your marketing to build on what’s working (and what’s not) and identify new opportunities and support the whole campaign to really drive your business.

Areas we can consider:

    Your business: where you sit within your industry, your brand and USPs, and where you want to be in the short term and long term. We can do full competitor analysis and customer research if required.
    Your current marketing: your data, your processes, your brand, your current marketing mix, your resources and skill sets.
    Drilling down: to look at examples and the results of your marketing and further opportunities for client or prospect engagement within your branded materials, PR, online presence, emails and social media.
    Legal implications: such as GDPR for your data and ASA regulations.
    Review working practices: to take advantage of other functions or the latest technologies to make your brand consistent and more efficient.
    Marketing budgets: to make the most of your investment and key measurements to track this.

How it works?

    STEP 1: MEET UP: Looking in from the outside in is only half the story. We really need to step inside your business. Learning more about the business, your industry, your customers, your values and where you want to be can help guide you further. We would need access to your systems such as Google analytics, email and social media logins to look at the cold hard analytics which help create a picture of where we are.
    STEP 2: RESEARCH: Subject to how much information you want to look at, we can work through a full health check of each marketing function and create a list of opportunities to consider.
    STEP 3: MEET UP: Gaining your feedback again, we can then create a final practical marketing plan in line with your business vision.
And once the audit is complete, we can create a marketing plan that fits with your business, budgets and resources. We can further offer training to improve your team’s skills and ensure that they are fully equipped with all the practical experience to roll out the plan. For areas that you need a little more assistance, we can be an extension of your team and take on key marketing functions.Boost your Business

We also have a little green book of contacts to help out some more:

Graphic Design

For branding and all your marketing material.


Product shots, capturing your events or filming step by steps.

Loyalty Programmes

Rewarding your customers to drive sales and attract new clients!

Stand Builders

Impactful stands to show off your product and gain leads.


From your business cards, brochures or point of sale through to bespoke packaging.


Quirky and fun ways to get your brand noticed.


Domain names, hosting, design, content, blogs, SEO, PPC and Apps.

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